Join The  GONADS!

The Gang Of NFT Addicted Degens

6969 Of The Most Degenerate Dummies To Ever Hang Out On The Ethereum Blockchain.

Artwork: Cryptic Burger Collective
(Creators of 3 SOLD OUT NFT Art Collections!)

Dropping: Wed. July 13 - 1:00 PM UTC
(9:00 AM New York / 10:00 PM Tokyo)

Price: Check Current Mint Phase At Top Of Page

Contract: ERC721 (Audited / Gas Optimized)


Project Details

GONADS offers detailed & distinctive pen-and-ink artwork guaranteed to “hit weird” by the anonymous art collective Cryptic Burger – creators of 3 previous SOLD OUT collections of instantly recognizable illustrations on OpenSea (BARFS, CRAPS & Sugar Cereal Psych-O’s)

Each GONADS is generated from a filthy, toxic pool of 120+ unique hand-drawn traits (some much more RARE than others) including:

  • Clothing with obscure pop culture references that only diehard degens will appreciate.

  • NFT shoutouts that were already outdated by the end of 2021.

  • Dumb hats.

  • Gross and immature facial traits to delight your inner 12-year-old.

  • A right hand clenching random accessories – some which we blatantly ripped-off from other collections (then re-imagined in our own style).

  • 2 additional rare body variations that make absolutely no sense.

  • 10 SUPER RARE custom 1/1 illustrations by Cryptic Burger that are worthy of hanging on the walls of the foulest gas-station restrooms anywhere in the world.

  • Rare hand-drawn background scenes – including the elusive GOLDEN TOILET.

  • Plus other unexpected features designed to amuse & titillate even the most weary and rug-pulled degen.

Sneak Peeks

Note: Backgrounds below are for sneak-peeks only. Collection includes primary colors and special hand-drawn background designs.


Q: Why in heck would I want to join the GONADS?

A: Because you're an OG who misses the good old days of fun NFTs with awesome art by proven illustrators who have skills like "talent" and "imagination" - not fiverr cookie cutter crap.


Because you appreciate pop-culture easter eggs hidden in your NFTs.


Because you vibe with well-drawn but immature toilet humor in the pieces you collect.


Because you're tired of corporate collabs and road-map promises and just want to hang with people who appreciate the culture of the NFT-verse and own art that reflects that.


Because you are a degenerate dummy - just like us!